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We create meeting and learning spaces that aims to bring together women filmmakers, particularly emerging talents from the MENA region and its diaspora. Organized in conjunction with our partner festivals in the region, these events are designed to help registered women filmmakers unleash their creativity

On the program : individual support for films in the making, group workshops and individual sessions offering new approaches to healing traumatic experiences, and individual pitch training


November 2022
Rawiyat HUB at Cairo International Film Festival

Awakening to the Creative Life Force Within

​Workshop with life and career coach, embodied transformation teacher and somatic

practitioner Iman Boundaoui.

December 2023
Rawiyat workshop at El Gouna Film Festival.

With director, scriptwriter and producer Hala Galal, Laura Nikolov, a producer involved in numerous activities to promote cultural and artistic diversity, and veteran producer Ahmed Youssef.

Film: From Pitch to Production

November 2022
Rawiyat HUB at Cairo International Film Festival

With writer, director and producer Hala Galal.

One on one pitch mentorship sessions

Rawiyat HUB at Luxor African Film Festival

Moving through the barriers that hold us back

​​Workshop with life and career coach embodied transformation teacher and somatic practitioner Iman Boundaoui.

Mars 2022
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